New way to manage your Ecommerce Business!

A whole E-Commerce as a piece of cake. Easily Personalize the layout of your store.


Build your Brand

Your brand is a gateway to your true work. It also focuses on building a loyal and long-term customer base.


Create your Store Instantly

Over the last two years, we developed this platform to create a store like a snap of a finger.


Stay Organized

Keep track of your Customers.It increases the likelihood that customers will make additional future purchases.

Passionate on Ecommerce Business? Try Comez

We assist you in publishing your store app on both platforms.

Why Comez?

  No Development Charges

We have worked over last two years to provide you an precise Ecommerce Application which covers all the modules with Analytic Reports.

  No Product Restrictions

We don't restrict your in-store items, and that makes us special. We know exactly what it takes to build a startup.

  No charges for UPI Payments

We don't cost for your Payments. We all hate being nickel-and-dimed. we likely to lose a customer over a small extra charge.

  No Worries on Maintenance

We improve the efficiency of the software by eliminating errors, removing unusable development and implementing advanced development strategies.

Mobile screens

User Friendly Interface

A strong user experience offers a significant competitive advantage in attracting and retaining customers. You are most likely to build trust with people most easily, attract users and turn them into customers, and encourage their contacts to do the same.

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Comez Feature Highlights

Customer Management

Track every customer and reward them. Has the right to end the customer's malicious activity.

Product organization

We have planned, implemented an excellent architecture for managing the products available at your store by providing a brief description and detailed specifications.

Inventory Management

The complexity increases tenfold when companies choose to use more than one warehouse.We alert you when products are low in stock.

Reports & Analytics

Measure your supply chain, analyze purchasing activity, re-order a low-selling product and give the user a better purchasing decision.

Push Notifications

Reach your customer through a single button hit. Notify a Sale/Offers, Wish them on their Birthdays it makes them delighted.

Email Notifications

Emails are the most reliable and trustworthy source of communication. It offers you complete ownership, control, privacy, and a sense of belonging that's missing on social media..

Abandoned Order & Order Again

Any item that goes into the shopping cart but never goes through the transaction is considered as abandoned order. We have developed with the support of Re-order & Order Again

Ticket Support

Contact us via the E-mail,Mobile or Inbuilt Ticket-system available on the Administration Panel. We will provide support and resolve your inconvenience instantly.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Calculate shipping costs according to shipping costs and manage the price in a dynamic manner.

Dynamic Tax Rates

A Dynamic E-commerce tax model is provided. Customers may request GST invoices for their billings.

Returns & Refunds

E-commerce returns and refunds are good practices for building trust between customers and also a law.

SEO Tags, Sitemaps, Google Analyics & WebConsole

We also support your Google ranking. SEO is carried out through good website traffic to your store. Keywords, Description, altTags, schemas,and sitemaps supports Indexing on Google.

Social Media Integration

Increase a customer's ridership by adding social media integration. Has the ability to attract a market, demonstrate commitment, engage with them and build a sense of community.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There is really no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Assume Your Store gets 5000 visitors per month, with each visitor viewing about 4 pages. Let’s assume the size of each page is approximately 5 MB. This results in your per month bandwidth being 1,00,000MB (100 GB).
Bandwidth = Average Page Size * Average Monthly Visitors * Average Pages Viewed Per Visitor.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates keep online interactions private even though they travel across the public Internet, and they help customers gain the confidence to provide personal information on your website.With this protection, Store owners have an extra layer of security when it comes to accessing and storing sensitive information.

Business E-mails

You have an opportunity to make a great impression. If your introduction to a new subscriber is memorable. We Provide a verified Business Emails
Ex: [email protected], [email protected].

...and much more


Available on all your devices

The question lies upon your mind that the way we provide application at low cost. We developed using Google's Flutter Framework, which converts single code into two platforms of different applications. So that we can Provide both Android APK and iOS App. We Developed Website on Facebook's Framework ReactJS.



Android & iOS

₹ 1,000
per month
  • Customize Theme
  • Re-Arrange Layout
  • InBuilt Support
  • International Payments
  • 0% Charges for UPI Payments
  • 0% charges for RuPay Debit Card

Android, iOS & Web

₹ 2,000
per month
  • Customize Theme
  • Re-Arrange Layout
  • InBuilt Support
  • International Payments
  • 0% Charges for UPI Payments
  • 0% charges for RuPay Debit Card

Customized Application

Pricing will be based on Customization

  • Customize Theme
  • Re-Arrange Layout
  • InBuilt Support
  • International Payments
  • 0% Charges for UPI Payments
  • 0% charges for RuPay Debit Card


We apply for a PaymentGateway, the thing is that you have to provide your Aadhar, PAN, GST and your contact details such as e-mail, mobile number. We generate Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy. The payment gateway verification process takes approximately three to four days, and we will be on track.We safeguard your Information.
We'll help you set up an account for your Store App. It's a sort of technicality. During the process, you have enough time to upload and organize and run a trial for your store. Google charges about 25$ OneTime and Apple Store charges about 99$/year. We do not charge for this we support your work so that you can freely think about promoting your store. Even you can publish your app without our support and you just need to share your login for onetime to generate links. But we love standing up for our customers.
We'll let you know on the dashboard of the admin panel. And we will turn on the Renew/Upgrade Plan button. You will be redirected to Login. Simply log in using the same identifying information provided for the admin panel. Choose the payment method and complete transaction. You may even keep a record of your payout history.